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Crush Gear Nitro (クラッシュギアNitro, Kurasshugia Nitoro) is an anime series produced by Sunrise, spanning 50 episodes. It is aired on TV Asahi from February 2, 2003 to January 25, 2004. It is a sequel to Crush Gear Turbo with entirely new characters, Crush Gears and storyline.


The story revolves around Masaru Mahha, a 5th grader who loves Crush Gear, but do not have a Gear to play. When Masaru and his family moved into a new town, he saw Gear Fights are used to solve disputes through a hero, Crush Kid and his Gear, Garuda Phoenix. Masaru accidentally participates in the Gear Fight using Garuda Phoenix and wins the game, marking the beginning of his life as a Gear Fighter.


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  • Original story - Hajime Yatate
  • Director - Tetsuro Amino
  • Series Composition - Ryota Yamaguchi
  • Original Character Design - Kazuhiro Soeta
  • Animation Character Design - Takamitsu Kondo
  • Main Mechanical Design - Susumu Imaishi, Masakatsu Saito
  • Art Director - Yukiko Ogawa
  • Color Design - Tomomi Murakami
  • CG Supervisor - Masayoshi Obata
  • CG Chief Director - Manabu Ono
  • CG Producer - Takashi Imanishi
  • Sound Director - Sadayoshi Fujino
  • Music Producer - Hitoshi Yoshimura, Noboru Mano
  • Producer - Takashi Imai, Asami Kohara

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