Dan Midou is a member of the Manganji Dreams. His Crush Gear is Gougetsu Reishiki.


Dan is shown to have brown eyes and black hair. His outfit consists of a red trenchcoat, a black shirt and a matching pair of pants and shoes. He also wears a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a black belt. During the World Cup matches, Dan is seen wearing a blue and white wrist computer with the Manganji Group logo on it.


Known as the "Data Magician" of the Manganji Dreams, Dan is a resourceful Gear Fighter - he utilizes his analytic skills to find strategies on defeating his opponents. He uses scientific research and calculations for the said purpose before (and during) every match. This is revealed when Kyousuke looks up on the entire Manganji Dreams profile (except for Takeshi) before the finals of the Asia Cup. He is shown to be cocky and underestimates his opponents after he fought Kyousuke and Carlos.


Dan was chosen as a member of the Manganji Dreams after being selected from thousands of applicants for the team. He received special training from the Manganji Laboratory in Hokkaido along with the Shinomiya twins.

During the Asia Cup finals, Dan is the second contender from the Manganji Dreams to compete against the Tobita Club where he pits against Kyousuke. Both of the Gear Fighters analyze the abilities in each other's Gears, and they experience a draw for the first two rounds. However, Dan loses in the third round due to an unexpected move from Dino Spartan (Kyousuke placed a gear with an intentionally made hairline crack into his Crush Gear beforehand).

Dan is paired with Takeshi during the first stage of the World Cup where their team encounters the Great Rocky and the Mulegends. During the match with the latter team, Dan assists Takeshi in defeating their opponents (George Rahman and Russell Pierce) via his analysis in locating the position for the former two's next attack. This leads Dan and Takeshi to gain victory and to advance to the next stage of the World Cup.

In the second stage of the World Cup, Dan encounters Carlos from the Quo Vadis team. Initially Dan is confident that he will beat Carlos through his analysis of Black Garuda Eagle and by avoiding Shining Sword Breaker. However, he does not realize that Carlos begins to use his own Gear Fighting potential, rather than having Yuhya's play style. After a series of visions of Yuhya, Dan finally loses to Carlos after Gougetsu Reishiki is destroyed by Shining Sword Breaker.


  • Dan's surname is pronounced as "My Dow" in one episode of the English dub (specifically in episode 36).
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