Dino Phalanx
Dino Phalanx
First appearance Asia Cup TODAY Special! (Showcased details)
Kettō! Kurasshu Ganryūjima (as Kyousuke's concept)

Wārudokappu Aratanaru Tatakai! (Final product)

Entry number JCGA-005-TBC-03DP
Attribute(s) Flame
Special attack(s) Fire Spinner
Burning Inferno
Used by Kyousuke Jin
Created by Kyousuke Jin
Kuroudo Marume
Technical Information
Length 167.0 mm
Breadth 111.0 mm
Height 61.0 mm
Weight 105 g
Cowl material CFRP
Motor type CGM-001-N
Motor revolutions 15000 rpm
Main weapon Drill
Double Uzz Saw
VT Chassis Yes

Dino Phalanx is a Crush Gear owned by Kyousuke Jin, and was made by him along with Kuroudo Marume.


Dino Phalanx is the upgraded version of Dino Spartan. The concept of Dino Phalanx' design is revealed during Jin's final match against Kishin in the seas where the Chess Master is finally defeated by the Gear Master. Just like its predecessor, it is also equipped with a VT Chassis.