Get Up Crush Fighter!
Get-Up-Crush-Fighter Single
Maxi single by JAM Project
Released July 24, 2002
Length 19:02
Label Lantis

Get Up Crush Fighter! is a maxi single recorded by JAM Project. It was released on July 24, 2002 by Lantis. It features the insert theme of the movie Crush Gear Turbo - Kaizabaan no Chousen!, Get Up Crush Fighter!. The single also includes its ending theme, Alright Now! ~Movie Re-mix Ver.~ as well as the background music from the movie.

Track listingEdit

# Title English translation Length
2 Kurayami Kara no Chousen (暗闇からの挑戦) Challenge from the Darkness 1:09
3 Hajimari no Hi (はじまりの日) Beginning of the Day 0:53
4 Sora Kara no Shisha (空からの使者) Messenger from the Sky 0:49
5 Gear Emperor (ギアエンペラー) 1:41
6 Moeagaru Kage (燃え上がる影) Burning Shadow 1:38
7 Taiketsu! (対決!) Showdown! 1:55
8 Fuuinsareta Gia (封印されたギア) The Sealed Gear 1:00
9 Tooki Hi no Kecchaku (遠き日の決着) Distant End of the Day 1:24
10 Honoo no Yuusha (炎の勇者) Hero of the Flames 1:28
11 Alright Now! ~Movie Re-mix ver.~ 5:07
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