Hiroomi Taki is a member of the Mighty Gears team and a former teammate of Jirou in baseball before getting involved in skateboarding. Taki’s Gear is Aero Rider, and in the Playstation 1 game, Aero Kaizer.


Taki is shown to have dark blue hair and brown eyes. His usual outfit consists of a blue turtleneck shirt with long dark blue sleeves, khaki pants and a pair of turquoise and white sneakers.



A member of the Mighty Gears, Taki is a professional baseball player as well as Jirou's schoolmate and baseball teammate. In episode 9 it is revealed that Taki is both involved in skateboarding and baseball. His entrance in the said episode consists of him skateboarding until he lands in the blue zone of the ring.

However, in Episode 54 Taki gave up the latter sport and instead started playing the former alone in America as Jirou revealed. One of his skateboard moves near the end of that episode is revealed to be named after Jirou's Crush Gear's special attack, "Hurricane Crush".


  • Taki is one of the two members of the Mighty Gears who shows respect and honor to his opponents, with the other one being Satoru.
    • Kishin uses an illegal Gear Fighter in the Manganji Cup by setting up an impostor of himself. In episodes 25 and 40, he begins fighting with honor with the latter episode showing him finally accepting defeat and befriending his rival, Kyousuke.
    • Eddie pretends to be an amateur in defeating Kuroudo in the first round of their match in the Manganji Cup. In reality, he is a professional underground Gear Fighter.