Manganji Club
ManganjiClub Sign
Origin Japan
First appearance Moero! Giafaito Damashii
Tournaments entered N/A
Takeshi Manganji
Daikichi Momita
Shinnosuke Gomano
Ryouichi Ebata
Former members

The Manganji Club is a Crush Gear team from Japan. Its notable members are Takeshi Manganji, Daikichi Momita, Shinnosuke Gomano and Ryouichi Ebata.


The Manganji Club is established by Takeshi upon leaving his previous team, the Tobita Club. He brings all the members of the Tobita Club (except Kouya and Lilika) during the Manganji Club's formation which causes the Tobita Club to face an almost extinction.

Although a lot of people are willing to join the Manganji Club by registration, there are several Gear Fighters that are invited to join it such as Jirou (who becomes the member of the Tobita Club instead). Its clubhouse is located on the lower floors of the Manganji Hills.

The Manganji Club has its own division teams due to its size. The first one is the Mighty Gears, a team which its members excel in their respective field of sport. Another division team, the Manganji Dreams is formed for competing in international tournaments in which the gifted Gear Fighters and Takeshi are its members. There is also another division team named Manganji America Lab that only appears in Gear Champion League, where its members are only consist of Manganji Fighters.

Aside from that, the members of the Manganji Club are expected to show respect to Takeshi, and humiliating him is considered a serious offence. Anyone who humiliates him will be banned from entering any tournaments within the club for a period of three months (in the case of Ebata, however, his punishment is added to cleaning the toilets).